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Windows Device Recovery Tool 3.14

Reinstalls the operating system on Lumia smartphones
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Scans Lumia mobile devices connected to your computer, identifies their model and version, then downloads the latest version of the Windows 8 operating system supported by the phone. Brings the phone to a working condition by reinstalling the operating system.

At some point, every Windows OS user encounters issues with the operating system. To help them solve this type of problems, Microsoft developed a smart utility called Windows Device Recovery Tool. This software solution lets Windows OS users restore their smartphone OS to a previous version that worked seamlessly.

The provided interface is both modern and simple. Modern because it has a stylish look that resembles to nowadays programs interfaces, and simple because it's user-friendly and doesn't have complex menu settings.

When it comes to what it offers regarding functionalities, the application allows users to connect not only smartphone devices but also HoloLens and HoloLens Clicker. This tool will work on Alcatel, BLU, HTC, Lumia, NEO, VAIO, Acer and Yezz phones with only one condition: to run a Windows phone OS, but no older than the 8th version.

To start using this tool, you have to connect your mobile device to your computer, start the application and wait for it to automatically scan and detect your specific device. One downside is the lack of wireless or bluetooth connectivity, but it shouldn't be a major issue.

Once Windows Device Recovery Tool has detected your device, it provides you the available downgrade that is compatible with your OS. It is very important that when you choose to downgrade to create a backup of your personal files because the downgrade operation will erase all of your data and customizations.

All things considered, Windows Device Recovery Tool is a useful tool for when you encounter Windows OS issues and top of that, is free. Still, the downgrade process does take several minutes to complete and during this operation the memory usage is quite high.

John Saunders
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Review summary


  • Supports HoloLens and HoloLens Clicker
  • Automatically detects user device
  • Offers compatibility for various mobile phones


  • Has a long lasting downgrade process
  • Uses a lot of computer memory
  • Lacks wireless or bluetooth connectivity
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